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Classes at React Drama School operate on a term-booking basis, except where indicated explicitly beforehand. Classes are offered in blocks of a set 10 of continuous sessions, excluding Centre holidays:
1.1.  Acting Skills classes are usually in blocks of ten
1.2.  Performance Skills are usually in blocks of ten, unless advised otherwise.
1.3.  Other classes & workshops are as stated on the website/or as advertised.
Fees: You are required to pay for the specified number of classes in a block, regardless of the number of classes that are actually attended.
2.1.  Fees fall due on the day of the first class attended.
2.2.  Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable, except in exceptional circumstances when agreed with the Centre.
Fees: Fee discounts may be offered on multiple bookings, or due to personal financial circumstances.
Budget: The Centre appreciates that meeting the cost of a term of classes may be difficult at times. In light of this, it may be possible to pay fees in instalments, by agreement. 
4.1. The first falls due on the day of the first class attended, and the remainder at weekly intervals through the term. 4.2. In such circumstances, you remain liable for the total cost of any term of classes undertaken, regardless of whether you continue to attend, for whatever reason. 
4.3. Failure to pay any fees due will result in the immediate suspension of your right to attend any classes or workshops or to participate in any of the React’s projects.  React will pursue payment of any outstanding fees.
Conduct: If you are going to be late or are unable to attend a class, please inform the React by email or phone before the class begins, for the support of your colleagues.
Lateness: If you are in an Advanced class and you fail to inform the Centre of a lateness or absence prior to the beginning of class on three occasions, you may forfeit your right to attend classes, workshops and projects at the Centre without any refund of fees.
Respect for others: The React reserves the right to terminate your participation at the discretion of the director if you are deemed to have been ‘disruptive’. Under these circumstances any fees paid that remain uncommitted will be refunded.
Privacy: No-one may record any aspect of any session without permission in writing from React; including posting text, video, still or audio materials on Social Media.

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